If only my photos could talk, you’d hear the greatness coming from Kevin Carroll, the Katalyst.

I photograph several corporate events each year and Kevin was one of the best keynote speakers that I’ll never forget. I caught myself a few times not shooting but just listening to Kevin’s words. He’s a dynamic, Ted-talking’ author whose life story and career will fuel you with positivity and drive to go after what you want. Check him out at and on the gram @kckatalyst.

So grateful that I got to meet him and snap a pic of him onstage with everyone at the US Bank event in Scottsdale Arizona.

Taking Some Time to Travel to Learn about Something New!!!

Taking some time to travel to learn about something new. That was most of my July this year. I wanted to go someplace far this time and Tokyo has been calling me for a while now. I left my “big girl” camera at home and just went, and just traveled, with no real solid agenda. I spent days wandering the streets in Shinjuku…Kabukicho, Akihabara, Harajuku, Kappabashi Street, Asakusa to name a few. Buildings on top of buildings on top of skyscrapers. It was pure magic.

I could not get over how polite and clean this city is. It’s like roaming 100 years into the future, but on another planet. The people were so kind, and I was in awe of how massive Tokyo really is with its 38 million people and 23 unique wards. The streets and subways seemed to never end. I spent some time in the quaint neighborhood of Minamiaoyama and enjoyed some teppanyaki, karaoke’d the night away in Roppongi and couldn’t tell you how many times I walked up and down the tiny alley of Omoide Yokocho. A small narrow lane filled with 60+ open fronted hole-in-the-wall restaurants all serving up sizzling food and things you’ve never even seen before. So much history in that small little space. I left Tokyo and headed to Kyoto which is about two hours via the Shinkansen bullet train. Stayed and spent most of my time in the Gion district. Shrine after shrine, it never got old. If I had to say one thing that inspires me and keeps me motivated, it’s travel. Arigato Japan!


Over $570,000 raised for The National Kidney Foundation of Arizona!

The 17th annual 2023 Dancing with the stars was the largest since 2016 with over 600 attendees.

I’m proud to be the official photographer of the foundation to capture all the drama and goodwill. The money raised benefits the patient services and programs dedicated to helping children and adults living with kidney disease. The gala and signature dance competition took place at The Phoenician in Scottsdale and was performed by Arizona’s community superstars partnered with professional dance instructors. The energy was unmatched and one of my favorite Scottsdale events of the year.


Scottsdale Photographer Backstage with the NFL Wives for a good cause.

The valley is bouncing back to business as usual after the Super Bowl took over Glendale, Scottsdale, and Phoenix last week. What an exciting time in sports history to photograph some of the charitable events that took place. One being the Off The Field fashion show at Scottsdale Fashion Square featuring the NFL Wives Association. The show benefits The Caris Sports Foundation, which is dedicated to providing financial support to kids who need assistance for recreational or competitive sports. I was there capturing it all for Iconic Life Magazine. The energy was fun and glamorous with a message that organized sports should not price out kids who can benefit from the camaraderie, competition, challenges, personal growth, and accomplishments that sports offer. Very memorable event indeed.

Here are a Few Photos from the Show!

Impromptu 90 Person Group Photo in Ten Seconds…OK GO!

Event photography can be full of surprises. I was photographing an awards dinner at the Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix Arizona, when I got a spontaneous request. It was at the end of the night with everyone full of merriment and enjoying their success, when the client asked to take a group photo. This was not in the script, and it suddenly needed to be done.

I sprang into action, jumped on stage with a mic,  ladder and started quickly directing ninety lit up mortgage brokers into a somewhat symmetrical half circle. They took direction well and we were able to get a couple of fun group shots in a matter of seconds. They were happy, I was happy, and the moral of the story is to be ready for anything when you are photographing an event, especially at the end of the night.

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