90 Person Group Photo

Impromptu 90 Person Group Photo In Ten Seconds…OK GO!

Event photography can be full of surprises. I was photographing an awards dinner at the Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix Arizona, when I got a spontaneous request.

90 Person Group Photo In Ten Seconds

It was at the end of the night with everyone full of merriment and enjoying their success, when the client asked to take a group photo, A 90 Person Group Photo. This was not in the script, and it suddenly needed to be done.

I sprang into action, jumped on stage with a mic, and ladder, and started quickly directing ninety-lit-up mortgage brokers into a somewhat symmetrical half circle. They took direction well and we were able to get a couple of fun group shots in a matter of seconds. They were happy, I was happy, and the moral of the story is to be ready for anything when you are photographing an event, especially at the end of the night.